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Canada Malting: Obsolescence

Here is the flyer for the Obsolescence installation in 2005 at the Canada Malting Plant. This installation featured lights at the top of the malting silos that would light up every few minutes, designed by Axel Morgenthaler it lasted for about a month.


Obsolescence (page 2 of 2)

For the people who missed this, heres a link to a video on youtube. The comments are pretty funny.

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The factory.

A while ago. I never posted this. More to come!
This place still had electricity, tools and everything!

Snapshots of a city

Malt me up.

These are some pictures.

(Yes! im still alive.)

Don Valley Brickworks (Toronto, ON)

Built in 1890, the Don Valley Brickworks Factory is located in the Don River Valley in Toronto. The quarry provides high quality clay to fabricate bricks. Many landmarks in Toronto were built with bricks form this company, like Casa Loma.
In the 1900’s this factory could produce a maximum of 100 000 bricks per day. During the second world war, german prisoners were used as workers, production was also reduced. In the 80’s most of the clay and shale in the quarry was used up and the company decide to cease production, they sold the land to the city and it remains in abandon since then.

source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Don_Valley_Brick_Works