Asbestos danger

Dear sir,

please could you promulgate the following information among your exploring community. Looking at a few Urban Exploration sites it appears concern about asbestos is rather variable. Naturally, some people may choose to take a laissez-faire approach to the topic, in which case an enquiry about the potential health hazard they may be exposed to when crawling over derelict locations will be of little interest! However, for those new to urban exploration and those unsighted to the risk of transferring potentially unhealthy dust/debris/material to other places/people (e.g. a car, bus, train or home) I would suggest sharing the following links on asbestos: the ‘Basics’ and ‘Where can I find it?’ may be of use… includes some decontamination advice p19!

I would not wish to cause undue concern but I suspect there is a general ignorance in much of the modern public on where asbestos containing material (ACM) can be found, especially in old buildings, and therefore paying damaged ACM more respect would be prudent. And then there is mercury…! Safe exploring.

Thank you,


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