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Merry X-Mas

Abandoned mine site. Tethford Mines Quebec (circa. 2006)

Lachine Canal

Snapshots of a city

Incinerateur 3

In the next few weeks, ill add some pictures that were stored on my HDD for ages and never made it to the internets. Welcome to incinerateur 3

I might add morepics to this post once i find all the rest of them.

Pictures taken around Fall 2006

Under The Highway

Pictures taken on a mid-summer excusrion to find the entrance of a drain. Based on maps nel and Controleman received form the city.

can anyone guess where they were taken?

Pictures from the first ever excursion on a cold december night in 2005




Silo 5 Summer Nostalgia

Seneville Water Tower

Ground floor

Second story.  Mind the gap!

top floor

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