Bain Hushion

Since I purchased my new lens and camera, I decided to revisit an old location I already had featured on my blog. Here are the pictures.

We entered this location around 6pm, just before it got dark so I decided to experiment with long exposures. I also used my external flash (yeah i’m too cheap to buy a flash that works on my cam,so what ?) for the second time since that old movie theater. You will see some Experimental shots with this wonderful device. It was pouring like crazy and my gear got wet (hurray for holes in the roof!) and all the pics came out saturated, I like…

If you ever go, watch out for the holes on the second floor. No, i wont tell you how to get in.

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2 responses to “Bain Hushion

  1. I have spotted that building too, but i couldn’t find an entrance…
    Great pictures by the way, makes me want to try to enter again!

  2. cool pictures,especially the three of them. your way of using light suits perfect on them

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