Rex Theatre

Last May, Tijeff, Mickael, Maze and I Had the chance of getting in contact with the Rex theater caretaker to set up a tour of the place. His father used to work there when it was still active and he told us some stories and interesting tidbits.

Back then, this one screen theatre could seat 414 patrons. The building, which opened in 1923 was originally home to a butcher’s shop. This is why the theater has its unusual design; the entrance and lobby is at a certain angle, and the Theatre slants the other way . It is the only theatre in Ste. Anne de Bellevue.
Since the Rex closed, the roof has started to leak and the floor is badly warped and beams are rotten due to a recent flood, preservation steps have to be taken before we lose this building. The seats have all gone missing as well as the original lobby and ticket counters.

In its heydays, this theater showed silent plays, Vaudeville shows and movies until the late 90’s. Due to the size of the stage and also the size of the backstage area, plays might not have been shown. In August 2007, Second Body productions actually presented an adaption of a Shakespeare play in the theater, the audience sat on the balcony space while the play was acted at the original seating area.

the original tinned ceiling the theatre was redecorated for art deco.

Inside the projection booth, One of the original seats remain.

Original fabric covering.

More images:



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