Toy Camera.

I got my hands on a vistaquest VQ 1005.

This 1.3 megapixel camera powered by one AAA battery has amazing color saturation and gives incredible shots (if they are not blurry, too saturated or badly composed.) The camera accepts SD cards and has an useless viewfinder.

Basically, this is exactly like a lomo, but digital.

I Love the results.

more pictures to come…

(and yes, im finally updating!)


5 responses to “Toy Camera.

  1. Interesting. Where can you buy these?

  2. I got mine when a friend went to walmart in the united states, but i’ve seen them on amazon for like 30$ and on ebay for about 20. I paid 20$ for mine.

  3. I will look around, thanks!

    What I would really love to find are some disposable panoramic cameras that Kodak was making into the 90’s. I used about 5 of them and when I look back at the prints I am all damn, why didn’t I buy a 100 of those things?

  4. i found a toy digi cam at winners at alexis nihon for 15$ it was next to the men’s tie racks.

  5. cest tentant den acheter une.

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