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Interesting books.

I am starting to acquire some books relating to urban exploration. I will keep an updated list here for those who are interested. Also, if any of you has reccomendations, don’t be afraid to leave me a comment.

  • Access All Areas – Ninjalicious

This how-to guide will explain the secrets of urban exploration, like sneaking, social engineering and equipping — all while guiding you through abandoned buildings, construction sites, drains, tunnels, and beyond. The book contains more than 240 pages of illustrated, expert advice from Ninjalicious, the editor of Infiltration zine.”

  • Valley of the Ghosts – The history along highway 31A, B.C. -Don Blake.
  • Silver, Lead & Hell – The story of Sandon – Veronika Pellowski
  • Invisible Frontier – L.B. Deyo and David Leibowitz.





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