Public Baths

Between 1833 to 1933 The city of montreal constructed 23 public baths, this was done to promote personal hygiene in industrialised neighborhoods where bathtubs and hot water was not present. During the great depression, the city continued to build these public baths to counter rising unemployment.

The public pools were heated and open all year long, the entrance was free. After heating and bathtubs were installed in private homes, the public baths were either transformed into pools or were home to synchronised swimming and water polo.

Seven public baths are still open and are currently used as pools, eleven of these baths have been demolished like the Galley and Lapointe Letourneau in Saint-Henri. The Hogan Public Bath in Pointe St-charles, the Hushion in Little Burgundy Bain Saint Michel, Bain Émard and Bain Généreux have either changed vocation or are closed down.

bathroom in basement

locker room.

do not run.

Got Decay?

Electrical apparatus

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